10 Adorable Black and White Dog Breeds—With Pictures

fotyma / Getty Images

Why we love black and white dogs

Some of our favorite dogs are black and white. There are fire fighting Dalmatians, sled pulling huskies, and border collies herding sheep. And while we love the work ethic and behavior of these pups, they are super cute too. Ahead of us we have found the coolest black and white dog breeds with a range of markings from spots to tuxedos. They’ll wish you could cuddle them through the screen. And for even more impressive puppies, don’t miss these fun dog photos that you have to see.

Dalmatian dog is running in the garden

BiancaGrüneberg / Getty Images


The Dalmatian is one of the most popular black and white dog breeds (although there are brown varieties too). Best known from Disney’s 1961 film 101 Dalmatians, these spotted pups are intelligent, outgoing, and athletic. Have you ever wondered why they are associated with fire stations? In the early days of fire fighting, Dalmatians accompanied the horse-drawn fire engines to guard the horses. They were especially suited for this job because of their endurance and affinity for horses.

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