10 great walking kits for your new puppy

Published Sunday May. 30, 2021, 8:27 a.m.

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Having a new puppy is exciting, but it also means you will need certain things. The first time you bring your furry friend home, make sure you have everything to go with him. Here are some of the best kits on the market right now:

1. Bundles of chew and toys

Puppies often need to chew on things to keep their teeth strong and healthy. You’ll find lots of chew toy bundles here with healthy treats and fun toys.

2. Leash and collar set

Choosing a leash and collar set is ideal. That way you can hook the leash to the collar and start the walk quickly. All dogs enjoy walking and you want to keep them safe and close to you during the outing.

3. Crate starter kit

When you receive a crate starter kit, your furry friend will have a safe place to sleep. The set includes a box, cover, dog bed and various other tools. Let your pooch rest in style.

4. Dog bowl kit

Stainless steel dog bowls are great to have after a walk. Choose one that is dishwasher safe. Plus, you can personalize them with characters and emojis. Along with everything else, they are non-slip so your puppy can be as wild as they want while they eat! Get the kit to save some cash.

5. The ultimate kit

Who said you have to buy everything separately? With an Ultimate Kit, you have everything your pet needs. This contains:

  • Pet blanket
  • House training doorbells
  • Dog treatment bags
  • Dog collar and leash
  • Various maintenance tools
  • Toys

6. Bedtime Fun Kit

After the walk, your puppy may be tired and want to sleep. A bedtime kit comes with a pet blanket, travel bowls, dog bed, and more. Your furry friend is sure to love the afternoon nap time.

7. Care set

When it’s time for your pup to go for a walk, you want them to look at their best. A care set contains everything you need, such as:

  • Nail clippers
  • Care gloves
  • shampoo

Your puppy can achieve their walk-in style with this kit.

8. SmartPet Kit

While you can’t teach your dog to speak or write, there are plenty of smart devices out there to help your furry friend. Puppies often have trouble adjusting. Consider getting them a cuddle puppy to ease their pain and loneliness. It also comes with heat packs, toys, and a chew toy.

9. Girlie Pup

If you have a puppy feel like queen of the house with a pink set. It includes a fun bow collar, pink leash, and matching pink toy and blanket. With a treat ball, she is sure to have a lot of fun on and after her walk.

10. Handle kits

Puppies need extra security, and training is easy when you hand out treats. There are tons of different flavors and textures available to you with a treat kit.


While some of these kits were intended more for feeding and grooming your pet, they are all essential. Now your pet has everything it needs to enjoy their new home! They can safely walk, have a comfortable place to rest and be pampered when they are good.

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