15 of the Cutest Dog Breeds

What makes the cutest dog breed? Is it a grubby face? A long wagging tail? Cheeky ears or huge dog eyes? It depends on who you ask. Like everything in life, the cutest breed of dog just depends on your personal style. Using the ranking of the most popular breeds, you could argue that breeds like Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs set the standard, although they share few traits in common. In addition, this list does not take into account the rare breeds that have captured hearts through roles in books and on the big screen, such as the Dalmatian or the Berger Picard. Or the fact that your local dog park is likely to be dominated by doodles right now. Whether you’re looking for a new best friend or just can’t resist taking puppy pictures (we don’t blame you!), Here are some of the cutest dog breeds out there.

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