2 Of 11 Puppies Found Dead In Animal Cruelty Case

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a troubling case of animal cruelty.

Investigators said one litter of puppies lived in an abandoned trailer with no food or water.

MPs said they found eleven puppies. They all had worms.

“The smell was awful,” said Leonard Hills, Oklahoma County deputy sheriff. “It was probably the worst thing I’ve ever smelled. Definitely some feces. You could see some animal urine. You’ve been in there a long time. ”

The sheriff’s office said two of them were in such poor condition that they did not survive.

The nine surviving pups recover. They were cleaned, medicated, and fed.

In a press release, the sheriff’s office said the owner told MPs he had been in jail for a week and asked friends to look after the litter.

However, they decided they couldn’t take care of the pups and instead called the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office.

After several hours of searching for a shelter, MPs took the dogs to the Street Dog Rescue and Recovery.

The staff there said situations like this were heartbreaking.

“You looked dead. They were lying in a playpen, flies just buzzing around them. Their mouths were open. They didn’t even move, ”said Mitzi Brogdon, director of Street Dog Rescue and Recovery.

The sheriff’s office is investigating and can bring the case to the prosecutor for indictment.

The puppies will be put up for adoption once they have recovered.

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