30 Cutest Dog Breeds — See Cute Dogs & Puppies

Do you like small breeds of dogs or large breeds of dogs? Dogs with drooping or pointed ears? Canines with fluffy fur or those with unique markings like spots? No matter what you prefer, there is no doubt that what makes a pet cute is in the eye of the beholder. And while it’s next to impossible to highlight a handful of cute breeds, we were able to round up 30 of the cutest dog breeds for you.

We bet you can even guess which breeds will be on the list! But we also recorded some that you may not have heard of! One thing is certain, however: you want to cuddle and choke every single puppy we introduce with unconditional love.

Check out our list of the 30 cutest dog breeds below and let us know which is your favorite breed … that is, if you can only choose one! These dogs represent the maximum in cuteness, so get ready for “ooh” and “aww”.

30 cutest dog breeds

1. Yorkshire Terrier

These little dogs are hard to resist. And since they don’t usually weigh more than 7 pounds, you can take them with you anywhere. Talk about an adorable companion.

2. French bulldog

You have to love these big-eyed pups that never tire of playing. They are big personalities in small packages that are full of love for their owners.

3. Golden Retriever

No wonder golden retrievers are so popular! They have the cutest faces and the cutest personality. It’s hard not to like them.

4. Dachshund

With their short legs and long bodies, Dachshunds are unlike any other dog you will see. Their unique properties make them part of the cute crowd.

5. Samoyed

Just take a look at a Samoyed’s signature smiley face and you can see why this super fluffy, white breed makes our list of cutest dogs. They are pretty much the happiest dogs ever.

6. Cairn Terrier

We can see why Dorothy had a Cairn Terrier as her furry best friend in The Wizard of Oz. They are cheerful, lovable, and love to explore.

7. Shiba Inu

Originally from Japan, the Shiba Inu first came to the United States in 1954. Since then, their fox-like faces have stolen the hearts of pet owners across the country.

8. Pomerania

You can’t forget to add Pomeranian to the list of the cutest dog breeds! They are so cute and look like real toys thanks to their fluffy characters and cute faces.

9. Pomsky

The DNA of this eye-catching breed consists of a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, which basically makes them an overly fluffy, toy-sized husky that will make anyone who sees them say, “Aww!”

10. Australian Shepherd

Aussies are both pretty and intelligent. Talk about winning combinations! They are super adorable and love to please their owners – they often have blue eyes too.

11. Bichon Frize

If your idea of ​​cute is a small, four-legged cotton ball, you need a bichon frize. Her name literally means “fluffy white dog” in French.

12. Dalmatians

What’s more lovable than a spotted dog like a Dalmatian? They are stylish, brown-eyed puppies who are full of energy.

13. American Eskimo

This breed loves to get attention. In fact, during the 19ththe Century as circus performers because they are known for learning great tricks and being amazing performers.

14. Chiweenie

This little hybrid is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund! Aside from his picture-perfect appearance, there’s no denying that his name is just adorable.

15. Brussels Griffon

These sweet cakes have great personalities! You will win your heart one bark at a time.

16. Papillon

With the dainty frame, fluffy ears, and lovely fur of a Papillon, this breed is too cute to handle. Why doesn’t anyone want one as a pet?

17. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Just one look into the eyes of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and you will be amazed. They are little bundles of joy that make great pets.

18. Shetland sheepdog

Shetlands have double coats, thick manes and are really pretty herding dogs. They are also super intelligent and are great at learning new things.

19. Finnish Lapphund

Believe it or not, this handsome breed was once used to herd reindeer thanks to its perseverance and coordination.

20. Shih Tzu

These lap dogs were once given to Chinese emperors and we can see why! Shih Tzus are great companions and oh so adorable.

21. Yorkiepoo

The only thing cuter than the name of this breed is the dog itself! It’s a Yorkshire Terrier-Poodle cross that is hypoallergenic and playful.

22. Pug

Did you know that pugs were found until 400 BC. Go back to BC? Thanks to their cute personalities, tiny stature, and pinched noses, they have been considered one of the cutest pets for millennia.

23. Whiddel

Yes, that really is the name of this breed! They are a cross between a Poodle and a Wheaten Terrier who are hypoallergenic, friendly, and lively.

24. Cockapoo

If you are looking for a curly haired puppy who has not been known to shed, a Cockapoo could be for you! They are great family pets and easy to train.

25. Docker

This sporty breed is a medium-sized puppy. They are affectionate, kind, and good-natured.

26. Corgidor

What do you get when you combine a Welsh Corgi and a Labrador Retriever? A medium-sized, short-legged dog known as a Corgidor!

27. Shorkie

Weighing less than 15 pounds, this Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier mix is ​​absolutely cozy!

28. English typesetter

What Makes English Setters So Irresistible? Your beautiful coats and gentle personalities!

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29. Havanese

Known as “happy little dogs,” what could be cuter than that? They’re social butterflies and barely have days of bad hair as long as you brush them.

30. Chihuahua

The attraction of this tiny breed is hard to resist. You are sassy, ​​fearless, and confident!

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