4 Must-haves in your puppy training facility

Regardless of breed, a puppy is undeniably cute. But unfortunately, often people get excited and adopt a puppy but don’t care about proper care. So relax; Below is a complete guide to puppy training that will keep your furry friend in the pink of health.

A quick rundown of some important things to teach a puppy to

1. Make contacts

First and foremost, you have to teach your pup that this world is a happy and safe place. In other words, they need to socialize their puppy, that is, take them to different places, expose them to different surfaces, sounds, sights, other animals and people, and most importantly, make sure that the puppy enjoys it. Take the puppy to safe and quiet places. Crowded streets and noisy parties are a big NO. Instead, discover companies that welcome pets and take them with you to shop too. Most importantly, you keep the puppy away from anything he is afraid of.

2. Don’t leave the puppy alone

A dog is a social animal and spends most of its time in the company of others. Pet owners often leave their pets at home for hours. For this reason, puppies develop fear of isolation and separation behavior. To avoid this, it is best to slowly introduce the puppy to solitude.

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The pet owner must include playpen training or a crate during the process to keep them safely locked away in their absence. You should also play with the puppy and then feed him properly. Finally, the pet owner should gradually increase their distance from the puppy and leave him alone until he is relaxed and calm on his own.

3. House move

It is imperative to train the puppy to appreciate where the owner wants it. This process may be simple, but it is not always that simple. Successful dog training requires ultra management. Early monitoring, playpens, baby gates, crates, restraints, and leashes play a crucial role in helping the puppy learn about the outside toilet.

The idea is to get the puppy to their potty often and give them strength. Take the puppy every hour to start with, slowly increasing the time between toilet visits. Pet owners should also encourage the puppy to walk on various surfaces, as if they were being trained to only walk on grass; You won’t be walking on other surfaces if the grass is not available.

4. Map human touch

Dogs have to deal with human touch all their lives, which they don’t always advocate. And you can’t blame them for it, because the touch often appears uncomfortable with pain and forced restraint. A pet owner can make life easier for their puppy by teaching them from the start that human touch can do good and only minimizing necessary reluctance.

One can start by combining tasty treats with non-invasive touches, slowly and gently touching the side of his neck first and then moving on to the other parts that he is less comfortable with, such as under his stomach or chest , paws or ears. It is best to go slowly.

Also, let the puppy chew certain chews, exercise effortlessly, learn various new things, teach them a quick reminder, let the puppy enjoy car rides, and most importantly, build the puppy’s confidence. The bottom line is, once you’ve adopted a puppy, train them well. To learn more, visit a good puppy training center, such as the Ridgeside K9 NorCal Dog Training.

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