5 Best Dog Grooming in St. Louis, MO

Below is a list of the best and premier dog grooming services in St. Louis. To help you find the best dog grooming service near you in St. Louis, we have compiled our own list based on this review score list.

St. Louis’s Best Dog Grooming:

The top rated dog salons in St. Louis, MO are:

  • Big Bend Veterinary Clinic – family run
  • Flying Fur Grooming Salon – has stylists who are experts in grooming
  • Wolfgang’s Pet Stop – enriches the life of the family dog
  • Petco Dog Grooming – enriches the life of the family dog
  • Groomingdales – is a full-service animal health station

Big Bend Veterinary Clinic

Dog Grooming in St. Louis

Big Bend Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal health facility that includes both emergency care cases and pet patients in need of routine therapeutic, surgical, and dental care. They have Gavin Hooks who have years of experience healing serious situations and contributing standard pet wellness care. They are happy to offer you a range of funds that can be used to learn how to better care for your pets.


General grooming, on-site animal care, diagnostics, surgical services


Address: 2224 S Big Bend Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63117
Phone: 314-781-6121
Website: www.bigbendvet.com


“I would recommend this hotel to anyone who has a pet. The vet took 15 minutes to talk to me to answer any questions about my puppy. Not only do they remember us when we walk in, but they really love and care for our dog. They always go the extra mile to make sure she is okay and we’re happy. The frontline staff are nice and helpful and always have wonderful service. My favorite vet I’ve ever been to !! ” – Jordan J.

Flying grooming salon Top dog sitting in St. Louis

Flying grooming salon met many foster dogs of many varieties. Your groomers treat your furry friends with the same love and care that they show their own. Aimee started her own business and opened the Flying Fur Grooming Salon. Her grooming expertise coupled with her love for dogs creates a fun environment where pet owners can take their loved ones with them for a great grooming experience.


Standard care, nail grinding / trimming


Address: 3892 Wyoming St, St. Louis, MO 63116
Phone: 314-922-1509
Website: www.flyingfurgrooming.com


“Aimee and team are the BEST. They are always so caring, patient and professional. My Westie, Lona, has been going to Flying Fur for over a year and is excited every time she finds herself returning. It is clear that Aimee gives so much care and attention to every pet. She made a note of what makes Lona nervous (like trimming her nails and cutting her face) and somehow made the right arrangements so that Lona comes home looking perfect every time. Definitely recommend !. ”- Katie M.

Wolfgang’s pet freeze

Dog Grooming St. Louis

Wolfgang’s pet freeze is like having a little family of its own. Your dog is worth living a life together. Their limited group classes use optimistic reinforcement and connection-based training to transform your dog into the balanced and well-behaved family member you dream of becoming. Wolfgang’s Pet Stop enriches the family dog’s life with exceptional services, high-quality goods and an informed animal care team.


Care, daycare, training


Address: 330 N Euclid Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108,
Phone: 314-367-8088
Website: www.wolfgangspetstop.com


“My dog ​​Frankie has been here since I had him. He loves Steve and Kelly. Both make him great. He also does daycare days and that gets him down! Friendly staff. I highly recommend. They are also so good at communicating with you when they recommend or add something else. ”- Petra S.

Petco dog grooming

Good dog grooming in St. Louis

Petco dog grooming has stylists who are experts in cat grooming in select locations. They offer a complete range of services. Bring your furry buddy to have them cleaned up by authorized stylists who are committed to what they do. Whether exploring them for a personal service or a discussion, you will see every stylist’s penchant in action.


Nursing services, veterinary services


Address: 7279 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO 63119
Phone: 314-352-1150
Website: www.petco.com


“Kenny was absolutely wonderful. All of the groomers we used at Petco on Watson were great, but Kenny could see the fatigue in my dogs’ posture and they took their time and slowly introduced themselves to make my dog ​​Leo feel comfortable. Then the washing and cutting was fantastic. Will definitely come back !. “- Andreas H.


One of the best dog grooming services in St. Louis

Groomingdales is run by the family. Their groomers have been with them for more than a decade. Their goal is to provide their customers and their owners with the best possible experience. At their pet spa, they all use organic shampoos and conditioners. Your team of Groomers and Bathers are among the best in the business. Their neat, fun and seductive atmosphere comes in second only to their care expertise and customer service.


Employment Law


Address: 6041 Chippewa St, St. Louis, MO 63109
Phone: 314-781-6711
Website: www.groomingdalesstl.com


“I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone I recently brought my dog ​​there and he got really excited and kept barking. They called me right away. When they stopped trying, they calmed him down and got him a bath! They were very attentive and kept me updated and the super friendly staff will definitely be back, the girls up there are great. ”- Stephanie L.


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