6 Best Dog Breeds For People Who Work From Home in 2021

Work-at-home jobs have always been a plus for many workers around the world, even before the pandemic began. When we began to feel the true effects of COVID-19, many employers switched to home workplaces for the safety of their employees. Not only is it still stuck, but many people are still happy to be able to work from the comfort of their home on a daily basis.

Who wins the most in this scenario? Our dogs, of course! You often get a lot more attention in the time we do our work from the home office, even if it happens to come from the depths of the dining room.
If you work from home and are looking for the best breed of dog to keep you company, our canine expert Helen Ledford is here to help. Read on to learn the best dog breeds that work well with those who work at home to keep them busy.

1. Chihuahuas

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If you plan to work long hours during the day and don’t want too many interruptions, get a Chihuahua to keep you company. According to dog experts, this type of breed tends to bond better when it has a person to itself in particular. Their small size makes it easy for you to cuddle while you work on your laptop. If you already know you don’t have much time to groom, look for a chihuahua with a smooth coat and an easy-care coat. Chihuahuas don’t need as much exercise as a larger dog, which has plenty of energy to expel. You will be your partner in crime while working from home day in and day out!

2. Pugs

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You won’t find a more loyal dog than a pug! While most dogs tend to be loyal to their owner, pugs take the cake when it comes to love and devotion. They are fun to be with, playful and happy and just delighted wherever their owner is. They’re another breed who don’t need a lot of exercise, a plus for those of us who have to work from home a lot. They will be happy to curl up next to you as you go online day in and day out. Pugs are also great guard dogs that protect your privacy at work. Plus, they’re excellent with kids! If you work from home but are still watching young children, a pug will help keep them occupied and happy.

3. Greyhounds

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When you need a calm dog that won’t bother you at work, a greyhound might be your best bet. Greyhounds have extremely sweet personalities and are very laid back dogs that won’t disturb you for attention while trying to do business from your home. They are friendly and docile and won’t bark while trying to get your job done. And although they are a larger breed than others, greyhounds are still comfortable staying home most of the time. They adapt to any lifestyle whether you live in a suburb or a busy city due to their very cool personality. Greyhounds are also an easy-care breed that doesn’t require fancy grooming or individual eating, believe it or not! As long as you have enough room in your house for their larger size, a greyhound is a great breed to work from home.

4. Poodle

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If you’re looking for a smaller dog that will enjoy being around you all the time, a poodle is the place! Poodles are smart, easy to train, and quietly snuggle with you while you work. Poodles are also hypoallergenic, a great asset if you’re dealing with allergies on a daily basis. Who would want to be allergic to their pet when they are at home all the time? Poodles are also said to be very sensitive and attuned to their owners’ needs, a plus if you may be busy and stressed out. They’ll love any attention you give them during your downtime, but they won’t bother you if you try to get your job done on time. There are three main types of poodle standard, toy, and miniature. If you’re looking for the type who isn’t that energetic, the standard breed leans towards you.

5. Golden Retriever

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Many do-it-yourselfers are specifically looking for easy-care and quiet dog breeds. However, you may be looking for a breed that will make up for your quiet work away from home every now and then. If so, experts recommend looking for a golden retriever that you can bring into your home and work mix. Golden retrievers are super friendly, energetic, playful, and adorable. They’ll get you going after you’ve stared at the same computer screen for three hours straight. Their amazing temperament has made them one of the most adorable dog breeds in the United States, if not the world! Also, because it is characterized by obedience, you can easily train this breed of dog. When you need a dog to counter the somewhat quiet nature of a job from home, a golden retriever is the perfect choice.

6. Maltese

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Maltese are a breed known for being playful, cute, and docile. They are perfectly content to sit with their owners for long periods of time, which is a great breed town if you have to stick to the hard work. However, you will have no problem walking or jumping up to play when you need to take a break. As long as you go for a walk every day or give them time in a fenced yard, your Maltese will be happy. This toy breed is perfect when you need a lazy and good-natured dog who is also very good around young children. If you need a dog that will fit in well with your home work schedule, you won’t go wrong with a Maltese.

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