8 dog training products you need in your home

Whether you’re welcoming a new puppy to your pod during the pandemic or considering your furry friend a long-time member of the family, there are always new tricks you can teach an old (or new) dog.

Raising a dog around the house or simply teaching your dog to be more patient when taking walks around the neighborhood might not be the easiest task, but there are many ways you can make training a little easier for your pet. Famed dog trainer Brandon McMillan stopped by Hoda & Jenna to share some tips, tricks, and products that can help you build trust and work on obedience with your pup.

From anti-anxiety shirts to training collars, read on for the full list of products that can help Fido become a top dog.

Nina Ottosson of Outward Hound Worker Composite Puzzle Game Dog Toys

Just like we turned to puzzles to cure boredom over the past year, this interactive puzzle can help keep dogs entertained while exercising their brain and motor skills. Hidden compartments hold treats, while fins and rails allow you to work with your pet to help them find their favorite snacks.

Puzzle treat dispenser dog toy

Keep them busy with this treat dispenser while you work from home. It has three levels with a total of 12 compartments that can be used to store treats or dry food while playing. It’s ideal for larger dogs and is made from safe materials that can be hand washed between uses.

ThunderShirt Insanely calm dog fear shirt

Think of this selection as a weighted blanket for Fido. It uses pressure to relieve anxiety in dogs and minimize barking, chewing, and scratching without medication.

Weight vest for dogs

This selection is ideal for larger dogs who may need some energy drain or a little weight training. Younger, hyperactive dogs will get some exercise, while older dogs can also gain some strength in weak legs.

Halti Training Dog Collar

Prevent pulling while walking or train your puppy with this head collar. It gently steers your head, helps control movement, and gives you more control with the leash. With a padded noseband, it’s comfortable enough to fit on your dog’s face without falling into his eyes or causing discomfort, yet still gives him enough room to breathe or pant.

Jolly Pets Monster Ball dog toy

Make retrieving even more fun by giving your dog a treat to work for! Since this monster-shaped ball is unevenly in weight, it will bounce off in different directions each time, so your pup will be chasing with excitement the entire time to get the treat inside. The ball is also flavored with vanilla and is made of non-toxic, safe gum that not only freshens your breath but also helps with brushing your teeth.

Nylabone Puppy Teething Puppy chew toy

Teething puppies will love to play with this bone-meat-flavored chew toy. The textured pieces promote better dental health while the taste makes them addicting for hours of play. Not only does it satisfy the chewing instinct (saves furniture and shoes), but it can also help clean teeth and massage gums.

KONG Extreme dog toy

The Kong chew toy is made of durable rubber and is a tougher challenge for both younger and older dogs. It can be filled with little treats or even peanut butter to reward them at the end of game time, but it’s also fun on its own thanks to the unique design that lends itself to irregular jumps. It’s the perfect choice for dogs who are bored or anxious.

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