Amarillo Public Library hosts ‘Puppy Tales’ program where kids read to therapy dogs

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Children have the opportunity to read to therapy dogs at their summer “Puppy Tales” event at the Amarillo Public Library.

The program began to help shy or anxious children build their confidence and develop their love of reading.

“Research has shown that this is of great benefit to our patrons,” explains Melody Boren, youth welfare coordinator at the Amarillo Public Library. “It helps build confidence reading because dogs don’t care if you pronounce something wrong, and all that reading practice will help you improve and grow as a reader.”

‘Puppy Tales’ uses therapy dogs that have been specially trained to be patient and good.

Children feel less nervous reading to dogs so they can take their time and come up with words on their own.

“If a child is anxious to read it is very helpful because the dogs love to be read … they love attention and are there for it. They are also certified therapy dogs, which is very important in terms of safety and training, ”said Boren.

The library staff believe that if children feel confident reading at a young age, they will enjoy reading for many years to come.

“This combination is really unique because kids look forward to coming to the library,” said Boren. “The excitement of meeting and petting the dogs, talking to them and reading to them is incredibly exciting and heartwarming for parents and caregivers as well.”

Boren explains that the library uses the same dogs every year but is always on the lookout for additional puppies.

“We have a golden doodle, a pretty big dog that goes to the library, and we also have a chow that is smaller than you normally see and very fluffy,” she explained. “They are both great dogs, I love their work, they are eager to help people feel better and most importantly to help the kids … A dog wants to join our efforts, it can call the library. “

“Puppy Tales” is aimed at children between the ages of three and around 10 years.

The program is part of the Amarillo Public Library’s summer reading club “Tails and Tales”.

‘Puppy Stories’ is offered monthly in the North Library and each branch will have its own meeting once in the summer.

Sessions are limited and registration is required.

Here you can register.

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