America’s Favorite And No So Favorite Dog Breeds | SUNNY 99.1

2,541 American adults were asked to choose which dog they liked better from a list of the 193 American Kennel Club’s most popular breeds in a series of head-to-head matches. Of course, all dogs are good dogs, but that doesn’t stop Americans from having favorites – and Labrador Retrievers claim the title for America’s top dog and win 83% of their matches against other dogs. America The least popular dog is the Chinese Crested Dog – a small, hairless breed – with a win rate of only 17% in last place.

In which races do women and men disagree? Women are more likely than men to think that certain small dogs are best, with the Shih Tzu being the one that women (44%) are far more likely to like than men (22%).

Men like the Belgian Malinois much more often than women (65% win rate for men, 43% for women),a popular military and police dog in the United States.

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