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Groomingdales at Alsip Home & Nursery in St. John

Tony V. Martin, The Times

Groomingdales Pet Salon

Perennials, potting soil and … poodles? Yes, a well-stocked pet department has long been a draw at both Alsip Home & Nursery stores, but it’s not just the food and chew toys that pet owners expect. Alsip is also a great place to get stains and exfoliants on the shop’s skilled snow groomers at Groomingdales Pet Salon.

The Alsip professionals offer their customers a comprehensive range of services seven days a week, including haircuts, nail pads, oatmeal baths and blueberry facial treatments. And it’s not just about pampering puppies – it’s about providing pet owners with the same great customer service they expect from any other area of ​​Alsip.

“We take pride in our customer first and strive to make every grooming experience a positive one for our four-legged friends,” said Sandy Richwalski, Senior Pet Department Manager.

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