Best dog training tips we learned

Canine Intervention is now streamed on Netflix and is packed with helpful tips that we can all use for our pups, regardless of breed or size! Here are the 10 best workout tips we learned.

Although Canine Intervention caused some controversy before it premiered on Netflix, it is streamed and is proving to be a hit with dog lovers from all walks of life. Did you miss the controversy?

There were several dog trainers and owners calling for Jas Leverette’s canine intervention to be canceled. What’s over? To be honest, even after watching one of the videos against the reality series (which you can watch HERE), I’m not entirely sure.

I didn’t find that dog trainers had any issues with the use of prong collars and shock collars, which is completely understandable. But unless I’ve completely overlooked it, there is absolutely no use of either collar in canine intervention. Trainer Jas only promoted slip collars and never suggested using them forever, only during exercise. And aren’t slip collars used by groomers?

Needless to say, I didn’t find a problem with the show. On the contrary, as a new puppy mom, I made several notes as Jas shared many tips and tricks for successfully training happy and obedient dogs.

Jas Leverette in Episode 1 “Lady Macbeth” of Canine Intervention: Season 1. c. Courtesy Netflix © 2021

The 10 Best Exercise Tips We Learned While Watching Canine Intervention

Find Your Dog’s Motivation: Training is easier when you know what motivates your dog. For example, does the puppy love games, new toys or treats? As the show puts it, “toys, treats, or praise put dogs in a dopamine state and increase their ability to learn.”

Two second rule: Jas suggests corrections be made within two seconds to have an effect. So you really need to keep a close eye on your dog so that you can correct them quickly.

Anxiety-based aggression tip: If you have a dog who reacts aggressively when he’s scared, you’re desensitizing him to strangers. Episode 1 “Lady Macbeth” offers more tips on this.

Approaching New Dogs: Never approach or pet a dog without first asking the owner. This rule is well known, but Episode 1 “Lady Macbeth” reminds us how important this rule is.

Correct correction: Pull the leash and say “no” to properly correct your dog. And remember the two-second rule.

Use of another language: Here’s some fun! Canine Intervention suggests that you can teach your dog another language (Jas speaks a lot of German) to prevent a stranger from taking control of your dog.

To clean up: You may believe, as I did, that it is normal and okay to have your dog’s toys around the house. But Jas suggests saving up excess toys to avoid distractions while exercising. This also increases the value of toys as it can be used as a reward.

Puppies need their mom: Here at Dog O’Day, everything is about adoption, not shopping! However, when making a purchase please keep in mind that puppies will need their mother for as long as possible! Puppies that are taken out of their litter too early will have social problems, as episode 5, “Blue,” shares.

Stubborn dogs: For stubborn dogs, you need to practice repetitions and be patient while training. Check out Episode 6, “Lost and Found Dogs” for more information.

Anxiety in dogs: Dogs with high anxiety need additional praise. Be extra nice, cuddly, and attentive with these dogs to help build their confidence.

Watch canine intervention on Netflix.

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