Biker in Agra intentionally crushes two puppies under wheels, cops file case & launch hunt | Agra News

Agra: Police in Agra filed an FIR attempting to identify a motorcyclist who allegedly killed two puppies and escaped, a brutal act that occurred on the night of the 14. The alleged incident occurred at 10:28 pm on the Agra Sikandara area.
In the 2-minute-49-second video, the rider can be seen walking through the street while the pups played with their mother by the side. Within a few seconds, the man returned and crushed one of the pups, killing it.
“If that wasn’t enough, the suspect was back in less than a minute and bruised another to death. Although there was enough space for his bike, the rider seems to have run over the pups on purpose, ”says Anjali Yadav, 28, who lives in the colony and accessed the videos after seeing the puppy’s blood-soaked body.
She later shared the video on the Satyamev Jayate Pashu Seva WhatsApp group asking for help saving the lives of the remaining four pups.
Yadav told TOI that on the night of June 14th, she suddenly heard loud dog barks. “When I got out of the house, I saw two dead puppies. With the help of my brother, I buried them in a field, ”she said.
CCTV footage later clearly showed that the person intentionally killed her, she said.
After she saw the video, a local resident, Vivek Raizada and PFA (People for Animals) manager in Agra, Ram Avtar Singh, contacted her and recorded the footage.
Singh and another animal lover, Karan Saxena, later filed a complaint with the Sikandra Police Station.
“An FIR was registered against an unidentified person for rash driving and in accordance with the Animal Cruelty Prevention Act of 1960 based on a complaint filed by him,” police officer Kamlesh Singh told TOI. He said an attempt was being made to track down the suspects.


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