The daughter of Cardi B and Offset, Kulture Cephus, is now the proud owner of a dog. The boy’s father surprised her with a puppy earlier this week.

“@Kulturekiari asked me for a puppy,” Offset told his social media fans. “Surprise,” wrote the celebrity father on Instagram.

“Extremely precious,” wrote Eva Marcille when she saw a video clip from Offset that surprised his daughter with her new pet. “She’s so cute,” said another BCK Online fan. “Definitely daddy’s twin.”

Offset is the proud father of four children. Some may remember the rapper’s 2019 album Father of 4, which highlighted his life as a father.

“Fatherhood was missing in my life,” said Offset while promoting his album, which featured all four of his children on the project’s cover. “Sometimes I have to be missed for work, but it all comes[s] back to the little ones, ”he tweeted. “I’m setting it up for the future. I haven’t taken the cleanest path to success, ”admitted Offset. “I ran into walls and hurdles, but I got over them. I am proud of myself.”

Cardi B is also working hard to prepare Kulture for a future of prosperity. The ‘Money’ rapper recently teamed up with Reebok for a new shoe collection called Mommy & Me, inspired by her daughter.

“Rose gold, known as the metal of love, is shiny and feminine, but strong and durable, similar to Cardi’s love and affection for culture,” said a recent press release on the design of the shoe collection. “The color of Aqua Dust is linked to the aquamarine stone, which stands for clarity, calm and relaxation: three adjectives with which Cardi describes how to be a mother. Aquamarine is also the breath stone that shows for Cardi how she feels now that Kulture is in her life. “

You can buy a few kicks from the Cardi B “Mommy & Me” collection at your local dealer. Kulture Cephus is the only child of Cardi B and Offset together.

Photo: Kulture Cephus / Instagram

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