Celebration of a good deed marred by alleged theft of puppy

The inspiring story of the two young girls who sought help from the Animal Welfare Society in exchange for a pack of Nik Naks for their sick puppy has turned for the worst after their puppy went missing over the weekend and the girls were left terribly heartbroken.

They spent so many hours searching the area but had no luck finding their pup and sadly spent the past few nights crying themselves to sleep.

The Animal Welfare Society of SA became aware of the missing puppy during a follow-up earlier this week, which they were told the family had strong suspicions that the puppy had been stolen.

With the help of a small army of willing volunteers, the animal welfare organization started an intensive house-to-house search of the area yesterday. Although there was no sign of the missing puppy, animal welfare found her sibling (Fluffy) busy crouching in a patch of overgrown weeds.

“While we were busy, we noticed a group of delinquents walking down the street with a pack of pit bulls. They seemed overly interested in what we were doing, and as soon as they were asked about their reasons and intentions for being in this otherwise quiet part of the Philippi horticultural area, they hastily retreated to Hanover Park, with their dogs following theirs Chains struggled to break free and attack the little puppy being held by one of the girl’s cousins, ”says the Animal Welfare Society of SA.

Before the Animal Welfare Society of SA left the area, they spoke to some community champions asking them to keep an eye out for the pup that, with the good will and help of the local community, we hope to find soon.

This is a developing story and we will sure keep you updated on this as the reader.

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Two young girls offer their last packet of chips to help the puppy

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