Chirk’s Benji sets good example after successful police dog training

A dog breeder in Chirk donates a second puppy to a police force in England after one of their puppies makes a good impression on officers.

Gavin Roberts donated one of his newborn Labrador Springer cross puppies named Benji to a police force in Newcastle two years ago.

After Benji underwent rigorous police training, officers were so impressed that they contacted Gavin to see if they could have another puppy in due course – which Gavin replied yes.

He said, “Our dogs are really good, they’re mixed breeds, and because they’re so good, I wanted to donate one to the police.

“Benji has been brilliant since he went there – he passed all his education and is now a drug, cash and guns tracker.

“They were so happy with him that they wanted more. They had another litter and asked us for two more.

“The dogs go through a lot of training to make sure they’re stable in large groups and then have to learn to look for different smells, which is pretty intense.”

Gavin is donating a puppy from a newborn litter, while his friend Caroline Rampley, who previously bought a puppy from him, is also donating a puppy to the same police force.

Since completing their training, the officers have been providing information about the dogs and how they are doing.

“It’s great,” said Gavin.

“They sent a picture of him after his first bust with all the items he had found.

“It makes you really proud to see that they are fine.

“It’s really nice to hear that you are so impressed with you that you want more.”

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