Clearwater Dog Training | The Mountain-Ear

Here at Clearwater Dog Training we help you learn to be your dog’s best friend. We will do this by mentoring you and giving you the building block to build tRust and understanding between you and your dog. The concepts we will teach are leadership, trust, understanding, partnership, and relationship. This will give us the foundation to rehabilitate unwanted behavior problems and train in good behavior.

Clearwater Dog Training has developed a unique approach to training that gives you the tools to have the dog of your dreams by using a collage approach to training while giving your dog a voice as he / she goes through going through the process of eliminating unwanted behavior.

Clearwater Dog Training will help you learn leadership, trust, understanding, partnership, and relationship. e, along with the standard obedience commands, understand when and how to praise your dog, when and how to discipline, when and how to redirect the dog’s behavior Clearwater Dog Training will also give you peace of mind about your level of training and to trust your dog’s.

By learning and embracing all of these things, Clearwater Dog Training can take you and your dog on an amazing journey to discover your dog’s true potential.

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