Clever Dog Tricks Owner Into Thinking He Hasn’t Eaten A Treat

Watch this clever Golden Retriever outsmart its owner

A clever dog went viral on social media for outsmarting its owner. Lately, many videos have popped up online showing how people test their pets’ patience by offering them a treat and telling them not to eat it. Usually the videos follow a fixed pattern – either the dog obediently waits or he shamelessly devours the treat. Not this time.

This crafty dog ​​broke the mold by having his cake and eating it too.

In the clip, which was originally uploaded to TikTok, a man places a treat in front of his adorable golden retriever and instructs him to wait while he leaves the room. The dog watches as its owner disappears before quickly eating the treat.

Then he trots in an ingenious move to the drawer in which the delicacies are kept, opens it and takes one out. The pooch then calmly walks back to the table and sets the treat down before closing the drawer.


The video was reposted on Twitter by British financier Helena Morrissey. Check it out below:


– Helena Morrissey DBE (or MorrisseyHelena) November 13, 2020

Since it was shared on the microblogging platform, the dog’s clever stunt has been viewed over 3.9 million times and garnered hundreds of impressed comments.

So incredible, I love it when the dog suddenly remembers that it didn’t close the train. ?????????

– MrCEssex (@ MrCEssex1) November 13, 2020

Some speculated that the dog was being trained to perform the stunt, while others countered that the training didn’t make him any less impressive or funny.

We all know this Anne. But it’s still fun and a cat couldn’t!

– Helena Morrissey DBE (or MorrisseyHelena) November 14, 2020

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