Company Is Looking For £24,000 A Year ‘Chief Puppy Officer’

Good news for dog lovers – a company is looking for a chief puppy officer to take care of some adorable pooches all day, and it sounds like the best thing in the world. Further information on the role can be found here:

The online pet gift shop is looking for a chief puppy officer to look after the team’s dogs while they work.

And if that doesn’t sound dreamy enough, the role comes with a prorated £ 24,000 salary.

According to the website, the chief puppy officer’s duties include making sure the pups are “happy, entertained, comfortable, and safe at all times,” working with the dogs to do important research on new items and products, and to give the dogs the best offering toys, treats, play, and relaxation as needed – sounds pretty good to me.

Photo credit: Pexels / Pixabay

Yappy has a list of requirements for the perfect person, which unsurprisingly includes being “dog-obsessed”, as well as being experienced with dogs with “an instinctive understanding of their needs”; an “expert level” tummy tickle; and with full commitment to the office dogs and their needs.

The job posting states, “If your dream is to cuddle, pet, and play with dogs all day AND get paid to do so, our Chief Puppy Officer role may be just the job you’re looking for to have.”

It goes on to say, “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it – from playing with our dogs, to entertainment and stimulation, to tummy tickling, endless petting and meeting all needs, it is important that the employed CPO is ready to go 9 to 5 o’clock to offer puppy love on tap. “

Photo credit: YappyPhoto credit: Yappy

Before you declare that the successful applicant “is also responsible for receiving each one” [of the dogs] to get photo shoots on time and oversee each of our pupstars to make sure they are ready for their close ups and always looking at their best.

Here you can apply, where, in addition to the usual personal information for an application, you also have to write 200 words about why you should get the job.

You have until August 31st to apply for the position in Manchester. So if you feel like it, don’t stay around.

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