Company Will Pay You Thousands To Play With Puppies All Day

Dream Job Alert: A company in England is offering someone nearly $ 33,000 salary to play with puppies all day

The Manchester, England site is for a pet website called It is an online shop that sells personalized items for dogs, cats and their parents. The new role is called Chief Puppy Officer – and they want to make sure their co-workers’ four-legged friends are entertained while their parents work.

The job of 9 to 5 is to look after and love the cute fur babies while their parents are busy at their desks making products for pets around the world.

The chief puppy officer will spend his days cuddling and playing with the pups – but the job also has a unique twist. The person in the role also helps conduct market research on pet products while they are there. Essentially, they can test new products on the office pups that are there to see how they like them.

The Chief Puppy Officer will then provide written feedback on treats, toys and accessories to help develop its line of products.

The company is also looking for someone who is very experienced with dogs and understands their needs. The person with the job is also responsible for getting each dog to their photo shoots on time – to make sure they are well-groomed and look fabulous for their close-ups.

“If you dream of cuddling, petting and playing with dogs all day AND getting paid to do it, then our role as ‘Chief Puppy Officer’ may be exactly the dream job you have been looking for,” it says Company’s job posting. “Here, at yappy.comBringing tail-wagging happiness to all dogs is the reason we get out of bed in the morning, and the ultimate happiness of our dog family who works by our side every day is just as important!

The company is looking for someone who is an “expert” on the tummy tickle and someone who is absolutely dog ​​obsessed. Count us!

“It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it – from playing with our dogs, to entertainment and stimulation, to tummy tickling, endless petting and meeting all needs, it’s important that the designated CPO is ready to offer puppy love on tap from 9 to 5 “, it says in the job advertisement.

What better way to spend the day than cuddling with puppies – and getting paid to do it? If you are interested in the role, Here you can apply.

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