Craig Grossi: Maine-Based Veteran Discusses His New Book & Writing about Service Dog Training At the Maine State Prison

In January 2018, Craig Rossi visited Maine Calling to review his book Craig & Fred, about the dog he adopted while serving in Afghanistan and how Fred helped him deal with his PTSD and look forward to his return in Hiring the US Jennifer Rooks after the show, Craig was told about a program at Maine State Prison that helps train service dogs. Craig is coming to share with us about his work in prison and we will hear from others involved in working with service dogs in Maine.

Craig Rossi, Marine Corps Veteran, Recipient of the Purple Heart; Author of Craig & Fred and Second Chances: A Marine, His Dog, and Finding Redemption
VIP caller:
Randy Liberty, Maine Corrections Commissioner
Sheila O’Brien, America’s VetDogs external relations director
Michael Fournier, recreational therapist, Maine State Prison
Linda Murray, Co-Founder and Vice President of K9s on the front lines
Prince, Army veteran and recipient of the Chess Service Dog, the first American VetDogs graduate from Maine State Prison

Mentioned on Tonight’s Show:

Maine Paws for Veterans

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