Denied a puppy, Visakhapatnam teen ends life | Visakhapatnam News

VISAKHAPATNAM: A 16 year old boy committed suicide because his mother had not bought him a dog. The incident took place at Venkateswara Metta under the borders of Two Town Police Station in Visakhapatnam. Although the incident occurred on Monday, it became known on Tuesday. The boy, A Shanmukha Vamsi, was a junior high school student at a corporate college in the city.
Police said Vamsi came across an online advertisement announcing the sale of a puppy. Vamsi wanted to buy it. He asked his mother to give him 15,000 rupees to buy the dog of a high quality breed.
Vamsi’s mother and cousin told him he didn’t need a dog right away. They assured him that after a while they would have a puppy. However, the boy insisted that he wanted a pet soon and was angry with his mother.
Police said Vamsi’s father died of poor health and his mother took care of him by working in a shop. Vamsi has been depressed about the refusal to buy him a dog for the past few days.
Two Town City Police Inspector K Venkata Rao said the boy took the extreme step when his mother went to the tax office for a legal certificate of inheritance. Although Vamsi’s cousin saw Vamsi hanging from a fan in his apartment, his efforts to save him proved futile. Vamsi was taken to the KG hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The police registered a case under Section 174 of the CrPC.

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