Did Your Dog Make The List? 50 Dog Breeds That Hate Fireworks

Every year around this time, my family does our best to make July 4th our dog as pain free as possible. She’s not a fan of bangs, bangs or flashes of light. She trembles, gasps and will not leave our side. Every time we move, it moves. It is really bad for her. She is not alone, there are thousands of dogs across New Jersey experiencing the same thing. Here are 50 examples.

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This is our dog Daisy. She’s a good dog, but she tends to be a little shy … especially during fireworks or thunderstorms. She’s not the only one. The Toms River Police Department reminded us today, “We’d like to remind everyone once again that commercial fireworks are not only dangerous and illegal, especially in residential areas, but something you may not have thought they could be You a trigger for combat veterans suffering from PTSD, a child or adult with autism, and pets. Our officers will be out with strict enforcement this weekend. Please be courteous to our heroes, youth and pets, and obey the law. Enjoy the weekend and be safe! “

Without further adieu, here is the list. After that, I’ll explain why these 50 and why we went for puppy pictures.

50 of New Jersey’s “Most Pupular” Dog Breeds Who Don’t Like Fireworks

Why this 50? Well, all dogs don’t like loud noises, but these are really cute. At least I think they’re cute. Why Puppies? Well, this weekend is rainy and dreary and I thought pictures of puppies could lift your spirits. Have a great 4th

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