Distraught Scots family fear missing dogs kidnapped by evil breeders for puppy farms

A desperate Scottish family fears their missing dogs have been kidnapped by evil breeders for puppy farms.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers Daisy and Thistle disappeared from their home in Lenzie after being allowed into the garden around 10:15 p.m. on Saturday night.

The inseparable pets, mother and daughter, haven’t been sighted since owners Stuart, 52, and Ann, 54, Malcolm were devastated.

Daisy on the right and thistle on the left

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Their daughter, Heather Ann Dymond, 29, helps them in the desperate search, but fears that the friendly pets have been kidnapped for sinister reasons.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she said: “The family is split up at the moment.

“This whole experience is something one would not wish for in one’s worst enemy.

“To have part of your family taken out of the blue is horrible, even worse knowing they are likely to be locked away.

“They could be used as breeding bitches for a puppy farm and no longer show any love or affection.

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“My mom and stepfather drove around and overcame every chance they could get.

“My younger sister used to take our male employees out for a walk every day in the hopes that he would smell her smell.”

The family hopes that by raising awareness, potential thieves who stole the dogs will let them go.

They hope the dogs will return home soon as they are therapists for family members with additional needs.

Heather added, “No matter what some people think of the breed, they can be the most loving dogs you will ever meet.

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“We hope and pray that if we make them ‘too hot to deal with,’ they may be released and found.

“You are great with my blind and autistic sisters and don’t even flinch when my daughter grabs them.

“My daughter has additional support needs and is struggling to understand where her grandma’s dogs went and why they are left with Baxter, their male co-worker.

“Thistle is a big mummy girl and hardly leaves my mom’s side, while Daisy loves my stepfather to pieces and wants to sit on his lap all day.

“They are such a big part of our family and there is a hole in all of our hearts after they are gone.

“We do our best to stay strong, but every minute they’re gone, part of us breaks a little more.”

Illegal puppy breeding is big business across the UK and is valued at £ 13 million in Scotland alone.

The conditions in which they are born lead to serious medical and behavioral problems and, in many cases, death as young as a few weeks of age.

The main reason for the demand for puppies is the general public.

The SSPCA said, “We’re doing what we can, but our only chance to stop supply is for demand to dry up.

“Our special investigation unit investigated hundreds of reports from puppy farms in the past year.

“They have successfully searched and prosecuted puppy farms and individuals involved in the greedy trade.

“You are now leading Operation Delphin, a UK multi-agency task force that aims to bring heartless traders to justice.”

Scottish Police said: “We can confirm that we received a report on Tuesday July 20th of two dogs that have been missing from a property on Crosshill Road in Lenzie since Saturday evening July 17th.”

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