Dog grooming business holds ribbon cutting for grand opening – LaGrange Daily News

A year ago, Savannah Bruce started her dog grooming business in her garage. Now she has expanded this business into a real building in LaGrange.

Bruce celebrated the opening of her business, Grooming by Sav, with his family and the LaGrange-Troup Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday afternoon, just one day after opening the new location on West Point Road.

Bruce began caregiving in 2012 after graduating from high school and started working at PetSmart in Newnan, but she soon took a break to raise her family. Shortly thereafter, she returned to LaGrange to work with Furry Friends, and after leaving the position around May 2020, she began picking up her own clients at home.

“I’ve had a lot of people reaching out to me,” said Bruce. “So far I have around 300 customers.”

Grooming by Sav offers dog grooming services for dogs of all ages and sizes in addition to food and training. Bruce and her staff, composed mostly of family members, work hard to understand a dog’s specific needs and how extensive the training should be, Bruce said.

Most of the training with their clients ‘dogs is easy, Bruce said, as the staff focus on “kennel manners” by teaching their clients’ dogs to go in and out of their kennels and doors. Bruce also assists the Troup County Humane Society with their grooming needs, especially when a dog is on its way to a new home.

“I really want to keep doing what I do and really just be a point of contact in the community,” said Bruce, adding that she would like to help those who may not have the resources to care for their dogs.

Bruce also keeps in touch with other dog groomers in the area who may work with the clients. When Grooming by Sav is fully booked, Bruce asks other groomers if they can take over the client and vice versa.

“We’re all usually very busy, and summer is usually the busiest time,” said Bruce.

Nursing can sometimes be a “manipulative process,” Bruce explained. Dogs may need to be maneuvered or touched by people they do not know and this, combined with the bathing stress, can panic the dog. In some cases, when Bruce and her staff have a particularly hyperactive dog, they will assess the dog and its needs.

“If a dog gets too busy, or gets too stressed or too anxious, we just stop the service and give it a break before we start again,” said Bruce. “Sometimes we recommend [the client] Talk to the vet and give them something to calm them down … just something to calm them down to keep the stress off [being] well-groomed does not traumatize them. We always try to keep her health record so that we are better informed and can take time for this animal. “

Bruce practices Grooming by Sav with her husband, sisters, and mother. Her two-year-old Golden Retriever Opie doubles as her daughter’s therapy dog, and Bruce plans to train her newest Golden Retriever puppy, the 8-week-old indie, as a service dog as well.

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