Dog Grooming Costs and How Much to Tip Your Dog Groomer for Their Services

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Brushing your pup at home is fine, but some dogs require professional haircuts. Dog groomers are experts at pulling out tangles and matting, cutting nails, and making your pooch look worthy on the red carpet. Ready to send your dog to the salon? Here’s what to expect when it comes to grooming fees and how much to give to your dog groomer for their services.

How much does dog grooming cost?

You can expect a basic grooming session to include: a bath, blow-drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and often anal gland expression (release of accumulated fluid under external pressure). The cost is typically between $ 30 and $ 90, depending on several factors.

The biggest impact on cost is the size of the dog and the length and thickness of the coat, says Susan Sholar, president of the American Professional Pet Groomers Association. It all comes down to how long it will take to groom your dog – the more fur, the more work. Other factors that add to the price are:

Breed specific patterns

Poodles, schnauzers, terriers, and other breeds have haircut patterns that give them a distinct look. Asking for a specific haircut rather than just a general hairstyle can add up the price.

Matted hair

It pays to brush your dog regularly at home as this will prevent the formation of mats. It probably won’t cost extra if your dog has a mat or two, but if there are multiple tangles there will be an additional fee, Sholar says.


The average cost of dog grooming changes depending on where you are in the nation. Some areas are more expensive than others.

How Often Should You Have Your Dog Groomed?

The frequency of grooming really depends on your dog. According to the American Kennel Club, puppies with longer, thicker coats may need grooming once a month. But remember to groom easy-care dogs at least once a quarter, says the ASPCA.

Even if you don’t get a full grooming session, you may find yourself embarking on a nail cut more often. “You can have a nail cut between visits,” says Sholar. “That way, the nails don’t get ridiculously long and make your dog uncomfortable.” When you hear your dog’s nails click on the floor, it’s time for a cut.

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Should you tip a dog groomer?

When people ask Sholar if they should tip a groomer, their answer is, “Do you drink your groomer? They are just doing your head. But a groomer has to do the whole body on a dog, sometimes while the dog is squirming or trying bite.” So yes, you should definitely tip the snow groomers to show how much you appreciate them.

How To Calculate How Much To Tip A Dog Groomer

Think about what you would give your hairdresser when figuring out what to give a dog groomer. Standard tips make up 15 to 20 percent of the total cost. But give more when your groomer has done more than just considering your pup’s nippiness, special health needs, or any favor. It’s important to know what grooming services cost, along with things like veterinary costs and dog day care. It will help you figure out how much to budget so that you can provide the best possible care for your four-legged friend.

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