Dog owner tells of ‘nightmare’ after unethical breeding leaves pug puppy disabled

A nine-month-old pug puppy is said to be undergoing spinal surgery at Noel Fitzpatrick’s veterinary center in Surrey in the hope that one day the pooch will be able to walk again.

Enzo joined the O’Shea family in November 2020 when Shannon, 24, was six months pregnant with her daughter.

But in April she noticed that the puppy was suffering from a small limp which led to something much worse and stopped the pooch from walking.

Shannon of Halifax, Yorkshire said: “We had Enzo in November when I was pregnant because I wanted him to grow up with my little girl.

“In April he started to walk differently, pulling his hind paws, patting the floor and getting a little shaky. We thought he might have pulled a muscle while zooming in, so let him rest. As the weeks went on, we saw his walking deteriorate and took him to the vets.

“From then on, our nightmare began. The vets took x-rays and confirmed that Enzo had mild hip dysplasia but also spinal compression. They prescribed him medication, but his condition got so bad that he could only stay outside in the bathroom before he fell over.

The x-rays showed a right-angled bend in Enzo’s spine that caused almost complete paralysis of his hind legs, except for a small sensation in his left leg.

Enzo’s x-ray shows the curvature of his spine

Shannon added, “He could run and run around as a puppy, but now he can’t walk at all and just drags his hind legs across the floor.

“It’s heartbreaking to see Enzo go through for what he is. From such a happy house-trained puppy chasing his ball in the garden to the fact that he can’t go for a walk or doesn’t know when to pee or poop. It is really terrible for him and for us.

“His condition was caused by improper breeding. His brothers and sisters have problems which I recently found out and a litter before Enzo had a puppy with male and female genitals.

“The poor puppies shouldn’t have been bred, no proper medical examinations were carried out. I just don’t understand how you can do such a thing to these dogs and the families who are struggling with the heartache afterwards! “

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Shannon has raised funds online to cover the cost of Enzo’s scans, surgeries and treatments, raising over £ 5,000 of her £ 6,500 goal.

His final surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals Thursday is supposed to relieve compression in his spine – and could cost up to £ 9,000.

Shannon added, “The operation we are discussing is quite complex. The death rate during surgery is about eight percent. In the remaining cases the result is good.

“Unfortunately, the prognosis is guarded in cases like Enzo, because not only the spine is deformed, but also the spinal canal is narrowed.”

Enzo, the nine month old pug

Enzo, the nine-month-old pug, is waiting for an operation so he can walk again

The High Rollers Club charity donated a set of wheels for Enzo to roll around on in the meantime so he can still act like a naughty little pug.

The 24-year-old mother said, “The first time we put them on, he wasn’t sure, but after being bribed with a treat, he ran around.

“We also got some physical exercises to help his muscles, and after the operation Enzo also needs weekly physiotherapy and finally hydrotherapy.”

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In addition to the £ 9,000 vet bill, Shannon has to make 233-mile round-trip journeys up to six times for follow-up appointments.

She added, “I am so afraid for our boy, the complexity of the surgery, the things that could go wrong during or after, but I have to stay strong. If we don’t try, he will only get worse and may need to be put to sleep.

“He has to live his life and so it is my job to prepare him for the big day and his recovery.”

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