Dog owner’s warning after men in Range Rover ‘try to steal puppy’

A dog owner says a gang tried to steal his puppy after he cornered her in broad daylight.

The unsavory incident happened when the man and his partner were walking their dog on Warwick Racecourse and then faced five men who suddenly pulled up in a Range Rover.

After questioning them about everything from the age and breed of their dog to being neutered, the gang became aggressive and tried to prevent the couple from leaving.

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The handler, who does not wish to be identified by name, said the group’s aggressiveness had risen from “zero to ten” and started cursing them and telling them they could not walk.

He told CoventryLive, “We were walking around Warwick Racecourse and as we approached the entrance to Bread and Meat Close, five men stopped in a flashy Range Rover Defender.

“They said, ‘don’t worry, we are safety’ and started asking questions about the dog, its breed and gender and age. They said they had a dog to breed.

“I said to my partner ‘let’s move on’ and told them he was a boy but had been spayed and was one year old and they said ‘don’t lie to me’.

“I just said we didn’t want a problem and just wanted to go to the store and they said ‘you don’t go to the damn store’.

“I told my partner that we had to turn around or we would go a long way on our own and they said, ‘Don’t you dare turn around’.”

He said the men who spoke with heavy Irish accents, and one man in particular, became “so aggressive” that it was “totally unthinkable”.

“They went from zero to ten aggressions in no time,” said the dog owner.

“I saw someone and said, ‘Can you call the police because they are trying to steal our dog?’ Then I grabbed him (the dog) and just ran down the street to a relative’s house.

“My partner stayed there with some other people who showed up waiting for the police. The man in the green T-shirt was three or four meters away from her and cursed her for the next 15 or 20 minutes until the police came. “

He said when the police arrived they took testimony from his partner and the group of men before the incident ended.

He added, “We want to make other dog walkers aware of these types and take care of your dog.”

Police statement

A Warwickshire Police spokesman said: “We were called on July 13 at 7:23 pm for an incident report from the racetrack at Bread and Meat Close, Warwickshire.

“It is reported that there have been verbal arguments between a group of people.

“At the time the officers were present, no crimes were found.”

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