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They say, that dogs they are our best friends. And it’s not for less, because there Puppies they practically become part of our family. Not only are they adorable, they interact with us, almost like human babies. It’s a fascinating thing that has been drawing the attention of science for years: how can they learn so quickly?

But the truth is, according to a study recently published in Current Biology, they don’t learn. Simply the Puppies You are born to know how to deal with people. They don’t know everything, but they have enough skills to get along well with us and most importantly, to give us the impact that almost makes us want to introduce them to our family tree.

Communication of puppies

The lead author of this current study is Dr. Emily Bray, from the University of Arizona. In addition to his work at this center, where he works as a postdoctoral fellow, he cooperates with Canine Companions from California, an organization dedicated to training assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities. This includes the Guide for the blind, but also for any other person with movement, hearing or other difficulties.

It is important that these dogs have the ability interact with people since they are small. It is for this reason that such centers are dedicated to evaluating puppies to see which ones are best for disabled people.

It is in dog breeds such the Labrador or the Golden Retrieveralthough they are not all the same even in them. This suggests that there is a link to the genes, but up to Dr. This was not entirely clear to Bray’s study.

So were the experiments

The study included 375 eight week old puppies old who has not yet been assigned a trainer. As a result, they had hardly had any interactions with people.

Four different experiments were conducted to test the puppies’ ability to interact with people.

The experimenters knew which litter each animal belonged to, and so they could Influence of genes in your best or worst relationship with people.

There were four in the experiments. The first was placement two glasses upside down and put them next to the puppies. Then a person point the finger in which of them was a treat to look for. It is true that they may have been carried by smell rather than human gestures. So there was actually a treat under the other container.

Exactly the same procedure was repeated for the second experiment; but instead of pointing a finger, the researchers placed a yellow block next to the glass in which they had to look for food.

In the third experiment, the researchers stood in front of the puppies and they began to speak to them in a high voice, similar to human babies. The aim was to check whether they kept the eyes of their interlocutors during the monologue.

And finally something known as unsolvable task. Inside, the puppies were given a closed container that was difficult to open with a treat in it. This test was done to Check to see if they seek help from people, seeing that they couldn’t do it.

Photo credit: Emily Bray

The power of genetics

After the experiments, they confirmed that Genetics affects 40% puppies’ abilities to interact with people. That is, there was a great relationship with the skills of those who belonged to the same litter.

In the fourth test, they did not seek help from humans while the adults did.

But there was something innate in practically everyone. This was noted in the first three tests in which the gestures and the look followed by researchers with complete normalcy.

In contrast, in the final test, although they occasionally looked at people while trying to open the container, they were not inclined to seek help. yes they did adult dogs when the experiment was repeated with them it could be seen that this is a learned skill. And clearly the result of the domestication, as in tests with Wolves The same result was not obtained in either puppies or adults.

So yes, puppies are born with the ability interact with people, although they have to learn to identify with them.

In statements from Phys, the lead author of the study compare it to children when they learn to speak. “Children can understand what we are telling them before they can physically produce the words.”

Something similar happens with puppies. Now all they have to do is recognize What are the genes? involved in this innate ability. This would allow them to select the best assistance dog candidates with much more success. And that’s what it costs to find someone who pays us attention and accompanies us so as not to qualify as man’s best friend. And also from the woman.

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