Dog training school celebrated milestone with ‘welcome back’ party

A DOG training school celebrated a milestone with some of its oldest students and their four-legged friends.

Pat and Colin Werner Dog Training School, which operates in Rhydymwyn, Hoole and Wrexham, celebrated 25 years over the weekend.

To celebrate the occasion – and to resume activities after months of Covid-19 restrictions, owners Pat and Colin threw a party to welcome their students back.

Ms. Werner von Rhydtalog said: “We had to close last March when the pandemic broke out – but we reopened in June or July.

“Then in December everything closed again and we couldn’t let anything go.

“We have been fully open for two weeks now and we had a group that has been with us for nearly 25 years – they started with us in the beginning and many of them have come back with repeat dogs.”

“So Saturday was to celebrate our 25th anniversary and to welcome them all back for coming to practice, but many of them are friends now.”

The event took place at the Rhydymwyn Memorial Institute.

Ms. Werner continued: “It was a beautiful day when I used the paddock in Rhydymwyn.

“We set up a pavilion and had tunnels, jumps and games for the dogs.

“We’re also going to pay for a new goal in the paddock and we had a collection for that.” We came home with £ 203 which was fantastic. ”

Ms. Werner said that since the lockdown was eased, the training school is enjoying a new challenge – lockup puppies.

“We had a special class for the lockdown pups,” she said.

“They are not as young as they should be when they start training and we have had a lot of mistakes to correct.” But we love to help them and we are making good progress. ”

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