Dogs For Good charity needs volunteers to socialise and look after puppies

A charity that creates life-changing partnerships between humans and dogs needs volunteers to help socialize and care for puppies.

Dogs for Good was founded in Warwickshire and trains service dogs to support adults and children with physical disabilities, autism, dementia or learning difficulties.

There are also community dogs and handlers who help people improve their independence and who also attend schools for special educational needs.

Liz Stone, Dogs for Good Volunteer Coordinator, said, “We have volunteers who go out whatever the weather to raise funds for us, people who transport dogs or resources by driving for us, and of course all of the volunteers who Puppies socialize or bring dogs in training and other dogs on board for good dogs and give them a loving home.

“Quite simply, our work would not be possible without your support.”

During Volunteer Week June 1-7, the charity publicly thanked volunteers, including temporary boarders who care for dogs in training, puppy socialists, fundraisers, and drivers.

Over 500 people regularly support his work – including a Warwickshire Fundraising Group founded in 1992.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the group managed to raise £ 7,633 last year through events like a socially distant dog breakfast and virtual conversations.

The group’s chairman, Beryl Rounsley, 77, from Coventry, started out as a puppy socializer and is now on her 18th puppy for the charity.

Beryl, who with husband Dave was a caregiver for over 100 children, said: “The pups have been a real comfort to all of the children we cared for. They provided them with nonjudgmental camaraderie and unlimited cuddling.

“I’m always so proud of them when they qualify as assistance dogs and know that they will change someone’s life.”

Christopher Newns, the brother of Frances Hay, the founder of Dogs for Good, said: “Frances started the charity with her dog Kim and an idea. There was no money and everything was done by volunteers.

“As the charity has evolved, more and more volunteers have helped and they are a critical part of our success. Without them, we just couldn’t do what we do. Our heartfelt thanks go to all of the volunteers, whether their contributions are great or not small.”

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