Dogs fosters needed as more people return ‘pandemic puppies’ to shelters

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) – Last year, many people saw the pandemic as an opportunity to adopt a pet as most of us were stuck at home. Now that many of us are going back to the office, a rescue is saying these pets are being brought back.

Perfectly Imperfect Pups, based in Wake Forest, is a rescue organization that welcomes dogs from all over the country.

You promote them in the hope that they will be adopted.

“People can work and take care of dogs. Dogs sleep most of the day while you are at work, let your dog sleep, better take in another dog to keep them company,” said director and Founder Nicole Kincaid. She is currently grooming several dogs and says local animal shelters and their organization are seeing an increase in dog returns.

She calls them pandemic puppies.

“A pandemic puppy is basically a dog that people adopted while they were at home during the pandemic. And now that people are back to work, they don’t think they can take care of it, so they hand them over to the animal shelters. ”And contact with many rescue workers in the area looking for someone to bring the dog back “she explained.

She says to keep up with the increase, they need more nursing homes.

“We want to help you, we see requests from the shelters all the time, can you please take dogs in, we are full and we want me to help as much as possible, but we cannot help without foster families so open your home to for.” a short time you don’t bind yourself to the dog for life, but you save a life, “she said.

Wake County shelter spokeswoman Jennifer Federico said Perfectly Imperfect Pets transferred 11 pets in one month. Four of them were puppies, two came to the shelter as strays, the other two came from the same litter and were given by the owner.

The shelter manager said they are seeing a typical spike in intake for the summer months.

We have reached out to other animal shelters and are waiting for feedback.

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