Dozens of K-9 teams hold police dog training at State Farm Stadium in Glendale

Police dog training at State Farm Stadium

Police dogs are put through their paces at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale.

K9 teams across the region have made their way to the Valley to conduct explosives detection training.

The free two-day program helps K9s identify the smells they have been trained to and their teams are exposed to multiple real-world scenarios.

“They worked with DHS to develop different scenarios. They put different materials in the boxes and containers, and these teams consist of an officer and a dog,” said Lieutenant Brian Knueppel of the Phoenix Police Department.

“You go into scenarios without knowing where the stuff is. Not only do you use real materials, you also have things like distractors that would put the team off,” said Knueppel.

At major events in stadiums like the State Farm Stadium like the upcoming Super Bowl, Patrick Clinton of the Phoenix Police Department Bombing Squad says he likes to train here with his dog soldier.

“We don’t have the opportunity to train in a Coliseum at a big event like this, so it’s good to be in those surroundings,” said Clinton. “We don’t have to change what we’re doing, we just have to expose the dogs to a different environment.”

Clinton says sharing information and technique with teams from across the region will result in safer events.

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