Dumped puppies getting second chance at life

LEBEC, Approx. (KGET)– A litter of puppies is recovering in the care of a shelter after being found abandoned in a neighborhood in South Bakersfield.

Six puppies with a low chance of life were found. When Leslie Aldridge found them, they were emaciated, their bellies puffy, tick-covered and they looked rather weak.

Aldridge knew immediately that they needed help. But there was a problem. The shelters across the city are filled to the max and the pups are being sent away. Aldridge knew they couldn’t survive without care. One puppy had already died and she wasn’t going to let the other 5 suffer the same fate. She found Shelter On the Hill-Humane Society and took them there.

The five puppies Brenna, Bubbles, Bogey, Booker and Brett are getting stronger every day and will be given up for adoption in the coming weeks. If you want to get to know any of the puppies you need to make an appointment with Shelter on the Hill.

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