Easiest 3 Things for Beginners: These are the FIRST Things We’re Training Our New Puppy!

Dog Training Tips For Veterinarians and Groomers

Handling your dog is a skill that must be learned throughout its life, and it is especially important for veterinarians and groomers. If your dog is prone to aggression or destructive behavior, it may be best to consult a dog trainer or behavior specialist. While most dogs are food motivated, some cues may require a very high value for treats. Todd recommends increasing the treat factor whenever training your dog. Using the appropriate commands and praises, you can train your dog to obey your voice.

Recall is an essential part of training your dog. It not only keeps him safe but also enables him to benefit from off-leash exercise. The best way to teach your dog to come to you is to be more exciting than the rest of the world! Give your dog a treat or a toy as an incentive to return to you. If your dog is resistant, try running away a few paces and getting down low to make him return to you.

Your dog’s behavior will reflect its socialization. While most dogs can associate their name with a treat, your dog will only respond to its name in certain contexts. Never use the name of a dog during an argument or when the other party feels threatened. Do not use your dog’s name too often or you risk your dog becoming ill-mannered. You should always pair a name with a treat. This way, your dog will associate the name with positive associations.

Moreover, a dog will learn household manners only after you teach it. Therefore, it’s essential to teach your dog house rules. Your puppy will eventually improvise toys, toilets, and other household items. If you are not consistent, you will have to get him to learn them. The good news is that you can easily train your dog to obey you once you have the right tools and training methods. So, don’t let your dog rob you blind and spoil your home.

The ancestry of dogs is complex and varied. Some canids, such as wolves and foxes, originated in Asia about 60 million years ago. Their descendants did not leave direct descendants, but doglike canids were evolved from Miacis. Miacis evolved into Cynodictis thirty to 40 million years ago. This species was a medium-sized dog with a long tail, and gave rise to two branches, one in Africa and one in Eurasia.

There are different theories as to how domestication started, but all agree that dogs and wolves are descended from the same species. Genetic studies suggest that dogs and wolves first interbred in northern Eurasia between 14,000 and 30,000 years ago. But, the timing of the split is still controversial. There’s no single, definitive answer, but it seems that domestication began about 15,000 to 30,000 years ago. In addition, some studies contend that dogs first split from wolves in ancient China and India.

The key to successfully training your dog to obey you is to give your puppy a reward for every desired behavior. When you are training your dog, it’s essential to avoid distractions. A dog can get easily distracted and it will be difficult to discipline him or her. So, make sure you reward your puppy with treats every time he/she performs a good behavior. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your puppy begins to obey your commands!