Easiest Dog Tricks You Could Start Teaching Today

Learning new tricks is actually healthy for your dog. It offers them stimulating mental and physical challenges – and a delightful opportunity to spend time together.

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Nasal humps

Here’s a fun canine version of the fist punch from Jessica Ring, certified dog trainer and owner of My Fantastic Friend dog training: tuck a smelly treat under your thumb and hold your open palm about an inch from your dog’s nose. Hold still and wait for your puppy to bump their nose against your hand. Say yes! “As soon as his nose touches the palm of your hand, then use the other hand to give a treat. After several successful strokes, remove the treat from under your thumb and try again with an empty hand. Point your hand a little further away so your dog has to take a few steps to get there. Before presenting your hand, add the phrase “touch.” You will wish you knew these 15 Dog Training Secrets sooner.

Dog wakes up from nap on the floorBull’s-Eye Arts / Shutterstock

Take a rest

Dog Tricks To Help Your Dog Relax? Yes, please. Ring does it this way: start with your dog in the down position. Wait for every tiny head movement towards the floor. Immediately say “Yes!” to mark the movement and then put a tasty treat on the floor. Repeat this until your dog is entangled and deliberately bowing its head. Over time, wait for movements that gradually approach the floor until your dog is constantly touching his chin on the floor. Then add a split second before saying “Yes!” say. and gives the treat. Add more and more duration until she rests her chin on the floor. The secret is to always offer the delicacies close to the ground.

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