Efforts Underway in NY to Shut Down the Puppy Mill Pipeline

Puppies are often synonymous with love and joy, which makes it very difficult to understand the pathetic cruelty of puppy mills, commercial dog breeding establishments that make money by mass producing puppies at exhausting speeds. These facilities tirelessly breed dogs in cruel and dirty conditions and then send their puppies to pet stores via what is known as the puppy mill pipeline.

While the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) – the federal agency that oversees these facilities – has been aware of these conditions for more than a decade, the agency has not acted consistently in the public interest to end these horrific practices. As public awareness of the cruel puppy factory industry and the lack of protection for the adult dogs who spend their entire lives in commercial breeding facilities has grown, states and hundreds of communities across the country have closed that pipeline by stopping the sale of dogs have pet stores.

Now, a similar move before the New York Legislature – known as the Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill – would ban the delivery of puppy mill dogs to one of the largest markets in the country – New York pet stores. The state Senate has already passed the bill with overwhelming bipartisan support. Just weeks before the end of the term for the year, the congregation must act to end the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores across the state.

In these puppy mills, breeding dogs can spend their entire lives in cramped cages, producing one litter at a time. The dogs exist exclusively to produce puppies for a profit.

Meanwhile, puppies from these facilities often suffer from diseases or genetic problems. A survey commissioned by the ASPCA found that 1 in 4 people bought a puppy from a pet store that is seriously ill or knows someone who has bought a sick puppy from a pet store. Almost half of these people (45 percent) also said the sick puppy had died.

Pet stores rely on deception and emotion to sell their puppies and market them as healthy dogs from responsible breeders. Unsurprisingly, those same pet stores are now relying on deception to paint the consequences of the bill, not backed by data or argument. Some argue that the law will close many pet stores, but the overwhelming majority of pet stores in New York and nationwide don’t sell dogs, cats, or rabbits. Most stores – whether small local businesses or larger retailers – thrive in this booming $ 100 billion industry selling groceries and supplies and services, including care and catering.

The bill would also allow pet stores to begin or continue partnerships with local animal shelters and rescue organizations to display homeless animals for adoption, increasing the chances for existing endangered animals to be taken into safe and loving homes.

And while the ASPCA hopes New Yorkers will always consider adopting pets, those looking to buy a puppy can continue to work directly with responsible breeders who take pride in inviting families to see where the puppy was bred , and to meet the puppy’s parents.

The Puppy Mill Pipeline Act has one purpose: to close the commercial pipeline that uses animal cruelty as a source of profit. Creating suffering for further sales is loathsome and unacceptable in New York or anywhere else.

New Yorkers across the state and celebrities like Edie Falco, Andy Cohen, Brooke Shields and Sir Patrick Stewart have expressed their support for this bill.

If you live in New York please contact your New York State House of Representatives and ask them to support this law to close the puppy mill pipeline.

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