Entrepreneur brings experience to new mobile dog grooming business | Business

Shareena Griscom, Salida, launched her Traveling Dog Groomer mobile pet grooming service in February.

The deal is new to Salida, but not to Griscom. In the dog grooming industry for 12 years, she has traveled the country, competed in dog grooming competitions, worked for show guides and worked as a dog groomer in New Zealand and Australia. She also takes care of cats.

“I wanted to be a vet like my mother, but I couldn’t afford to go to school and work at the same time,” she said. “I got a job as a bathing and kennel assistant and completed part-time training as an apprentice.”

About a year later, she entered her first competition and learned that dog grooming may be an art.

“I use it as a canvas,” she said. “I started taking lessons from a dog groomer, then I took lessons from her mentor, and it grew from there. The year I seriously competed, I was 11th in the nation and was nominated for Groomer of the Year for Groom Team USA.

She has been teaching dog grooming for four years. When she got to Salida, she found that there was a need for mobile dog groomers, especially after the pandemic first subsided and many pet owners had dogs that were overdone for grooming.

“It’s a passion for me,” she says. I can do community service and develop positive relationships with dogs. There is also an art and a science in that. I work with more than dog hair and skin. It’s about geometry, lines and expression and I treat someone’s family member. Your experience, safety and health are most important.

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