Everything you need to know about the Manchester Terrier – our city’s very own dog breed

Do you think the time is right for a dog? Would you like to add a new addition to the family?

The past year has seen a massive boom in dog owners as many of us with more time at home are more able to devote ourselves to our four-legged friends and the responsibilities that come with them.

But there is more to becoming a ‘horse’ than just picking up your new little bundle of joys.

Race is an important factor. Not every dog ​​fits every family, they all have different needs in terms of care, exercise, food …

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But where do you start?

The Kennel Club recognizes more than 200 different breeds of dogs. But there’s one that catches our eye … Manchester Terriers, for obvious reasons.

Are you thinking of getting your own? Here are 11 facts all would-be owners need to know about our town’s own breed of dog.

1. You come from our city

Unlike many terriers, this little dog hails from an urban setting, specifically Manchester, where it was bred to keep rats under control during the 19th century Industrial Revolution.

2. They were once extremely rare

The breed became extremely rare in the 1940s thanks to advances in pest control.


3. They have their own club

The British Manchester Terrier Club was founded in 1937 and was instrumental in saving the breed after its demise.

It also hosts its own dog shows and competitions.

4. There are two types depending on your location

A Manchester toy terrier is also known as an English toy terrier

While there is only one Manchester Terrier here in the UK, there are two different breeds in the US – the Toy and the Standard.

We have the toy breed here, we’re just calling them something else – the English Toy Terrier.

5. They were once known as the gentleman’s terriers

It wasn’t until the 19th century that they became known as the Manchester Terriers due to their popularity in the city, especially in cotton mills.

6. They are great companions

Manchester Terriers are known to be loving and loyal companions, they really are man’s best friend.

They’ll be fond of their owners and have a special bond, but that also means they don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time, so not ideal for families who spend a lot of time outside the home.

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7. You have a natural hunting instinct

Although Manchester Terriers are intelligent dogs who respond well to training, there is no natural instinct that they cannot exercise, and in these dogs it is the hunt.

Owners should be careful to leave them in unsecured areas from the guide, as any training is quickly forgotten when their hunting instinct kicks in.

This also means that they cannot coexist with other small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and gerbils.

8. ‘Quiet’ will be a useful command

Manchester Terriers can be quite barky, so this is a command you’ll likely want to learn early on. Because of this, they are also good watchdogs.

9. Your size is wrong

Manchester Terriers are a small breed

What they lack in size, they make up for in personality – Manchester Terriers are known for their larger-than-life character. They can be stubborn, stubborn, and protective, but also loyal and loving.

10. You are prone to obesity

As with all breeds, a dog’s diet is extremely important and is determined by a number of factors including exercise needs. Owners should be aware that Manchester Terriers are not fussy about food, which in turn makes them prone to obesity.

11. They are often referred to as miniature Dobermans

The Manchester Terrier is often confused with a Doberman, if only miniature. But actually it’s the other way around, the Doberman Pinscher is part of the Manchester Terrier.

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