Family stunned as pet Labrador gives birth to 13 puppies

Little did Daisy’s family know that their Labrador would give birth to so many puppies

The three year old Labrador from Bomere Heath will definitely be busy in the coming weeks taking care of the fresh puppies.

Daisy’s owner Lynette Halford said the record for Labrador puppies is 15 in Scotland and 14 in England.

Daisy actually ran 14 over a 12 hour marathon, but unfortunately one didn’t survive.

Lynette, 49, said they were stunned when the pups kept showing up.

Daisies with their litter

She said, “We had no idea, we expected six or seven at most. They just kept coming back.”

Lynette said Daisy is recovering well and the family takes turns helping with the newcomers – and having rearranged the kitchen and garden to prepare for the mess that will arrive when they wander around in a few weeks.

She said, “She was fine, she is a little tired, but she made a fuss and we share the feeding chores at night.”

Lynette said things are relatively quiet right now, but she expects things to get even more hectic in the days to come.

She said, “They’re still tiny, their eyes haven’t opened yet. It’ll be a couple of weeks, but then it’ll be chaos. We haven’t even thought about it.”

Two of Daisy’s pups

She added, “We moved the kitchen and dismantled the jacuzzi in the garden so we had plenty of space.”

Lynette said they also need to monitor vigilance to make sure some of the greedy pups don’t take advantage of their smaller brothers and sisters.

She added, “There are a few smaller ones because there are some greedy ones, so we’ll rotate them so they get the same amount of attention, but they do really well.”

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