Film Review: “Cruella” Puts A Fashionable Underdog Spin On A Puppy Killer…In a Very Disney Way

Dare we say Disney + s Cruella is a warehouse? Or is it more of a couture circus with a touch of madness? Unfortunately, it seems like no categorization works for this wild, strangely surprising, and definitely itchy Disney + movie.

Perhaps you don’t want or expect Emma Stone to be the famous fur-obsessed puppy killer (do we need to remind you of the actual dark 101 Dalmatian conspiracy?), And you mustn’t buy her slippery British accent either. But what you’ll definitely be begging for more is the costume design, makeup tricks, and of course Emma Thompson’s cool, chic presence that steals every scene.

Estella (stone) was not born cruel; It was made that way. A sad background story with a tragic childhood and the kind hearts of two thieves leads Estella to get her dream job in a department store despite all the adversities. Paying tribute to Estella’s work, fashion designer Baroness (Emma Thompson) eventually leads to Estella’s breaking point, also known as the birth of her alter ego Cruella de Vil – and breeds her hatred of Dalmatians, the pet of the baroness of choice. With a pop-punk soundtrack, Estella-turn-Cruella takes the London fashion scene with lots of dark eyeliner, safety pin dresses and cackles into the camera. We couldn’t help but think of the words of another apparently family-friendly film with a dark twist: “Death by Fashion”. Yes, that was the proposed restructuring plan for magazines in 13 Going On 30.

Cruella has sparked comparisons with Devil Wears Prada (no), Joker (just quit), and Maleficient (probably the most accurate). It’s hard not to adore Stone and Thompson in almost every single film of their respective careers, and while Cruella certainly pushes the boundaries of our love for its two main characters, the film is more about the performance art of spectacle than history. And with that, the vampy Cruella plunges into the forgotten void, making us wonder if Glenn Close’s original live-action character is still planning her revenge on her mastermind 25 years later. Let’s just say Stones Cruella is just bark and not a bite.

Cruella will premiere in theaters on May 28th and can be streamed on Disney +.

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