Four Puppies Lucky To Be Alive

One of the four rescued puppies

Pine Grove, CA – Animal Control found two emaciated dogs outside an abandoned Amador County house and noted that one had recently given birth, triggering a search for the pups before it was too late.

Who could leave the adorable puppies pictured in the picture box and their mother without food and water? They were found last week on the 14000 block off Spurlock Lane in Pine Grove. The animal welfare agency first learned of two dogs on the property that had apparently been abandoned. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the resident, they decided to confiscate the dogs. They were skin and bones when found and needed immediate nourishment.

While caring for the puppies, the animal control officers discovered that one of the dogs was a female who was still nursing puppies. They were nowhere to be found outside the house, so the rescuers believed the pups were still in the house. The sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene to obtain a search warrant for the home. Inside, all four pups were located within minutes.

After medical treatment, they were reunited with their mother, who howled with glee as she sniffed and licked everyone to make sure they were unharmed. As for its owner, this person has not yet been found and this incident is still being investigated.

Written by Tracey Petersen.

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  • One of the four rescued puppies
  • One of the four rescued puppies

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