From Iceland — Three More Dog Breeds Banned In Iceland

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Bad news for dog breed fans.

Not all dogs are allowed to be imported into Iceland. Three more dog breeds are currently being added to the Icelandic Prohibited List, which prohibits the importation of certain animal breeds into the country. According to the RÚV, four other dog breeds are already banned because of alleged aggression in these animals.

No more American bulldogs

According to Article 14 of Regulation No. 200/2020, the breeds “Pit Bull Terrier”, “Staffordshire Bull Terrier”, “American Staffordshire Terrier” and “American Bulldog” are not allowed to be imported into Iceland. The Icelandic government has drafted a new regulation amending the current regulation on the importation of dogs and cats, proposing to add three more breeds to the list.

Aggression in certain breeds of dogs can occur

It is now proposed to add the breeds “Cane Corso”, “Presa Canario” and “Boerboel” to the prohibited list. Due to the characteristics of the breeds that are suitable for hunting large animals and guard dogs, their temperament and physique require special skills and care when handling these dogs.

According to the ordinance, animals can be at risk of aggression if they are not properly cared for, which could lead to “serious consequences for humans and other animals”.

People are still trying to import these banned breeds

However, requests to import the three species in question have already been received, but have been rejected on the basis of Article 14.

It states that it is not allowed to introduce “other breeds of dogs or hybrids into the country according to the reasoned decisions of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority”.

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