Gang boss Mr Flashy gets himself a new puppy after his last dog was stolen

A notorious gang boss whose French bulldog was reportedly stolen by a rival criminal team has bragged about buying a new puppy of the same breed.

North Dublin criminal named Mr Flashy posted a short video on social media showing the puppy he recently bought.

However, it will be a few more weeks before he actually gets the new puppy as he is new born and will be staying with his mother. A search for French Bulldog puppies for sale shows they can reach as high as $ 3,000.

Last week it was reported that a rival criminal gang stole Mr Flashy’s French bulldog, which he recently imported from the UK for a five-figure sum. And they keep mocking him for taking his dog away, it was reported.

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Drug dealer Mr. Flashy – who leads a group of young criminals nicknamed the Gucci Gang because of their penchant for bling and expensive clothes – had been holding back since his arrest in March after gardai found suspected cocaine worth more than 60,000 euros in Dublin had confiscated Temple Bar.

Mr Flashy was one of eight men arrested in an apartment when Gardai of the Pearse Street Drugs Unit raided the premises and seized about 1 kg of cocaine. Mr. Flashy was later released without charge and a file went to the DPP.

Earlier this year, Flashy’s former bosses in the Kinahan gang turned against him and dispatched a hit man to Ireland to kill him.

Sources revealed that the cartel led by Daniel Kinahan, 43, believes he is now attached to him because of the Gardai’s attention.

Mr Flashy was considered a major cog in the Irish drug arm of their empire, but relationships are sour now.

Sources say the cartel is furious that Mr Flashy was embroiled in a bitter gang feud that resulted in the death of five men and the drug network heating up even more Garda.

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