Gay Lynn Plamondon’s newly released “My Puppy’s New Name” is an amusing tale of how a puppy got his new name.

“My Puppy’s New Name”: a fun tale for kids in which a puppy is finally given a perfect name for itself after all the funny suggestions he and Karen received. “My Pup’s New Name” is the creation of published author Gay Lynn Plamondon, the children’s ministry director for her local church. She lives in LaBelle, Florida with her 30-year-old husband Marty. She likes to read, constipate (dance) and play cucumber ball with her family.

Plamondon announced: “My Puppy’s New Name is the story of Karen and her journey to find a name for her new puppy. Suggestions come along the way, but there is only one name that is perfect for her little friend. What name will she choose? “

Gay Lynn Plamondon’s new book, published by Christian Faith Publishing, is a lovely journey to finding a name that suits your new pup while Karen and her dog roam the neighborhood. This illustrated story is sure to lighten the children’s spirits and bring them joyful sides of adventure.

Check out a recap of “My Pup’s New Name” on YouTube.

Consumers can buy My Puppy’s New Name in traditional bookstores or online at, Apple iTunes Store or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries about “The New Name of My Puppy” please contact the media department of Christian Faith Publishing at 866-554-0919.

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