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In June, our cruelty investigator picked up a thin, furless dog. We can’t imagine the pain poor Lily must have been in for so long; just touching her skin made her bleed. It was scabbed, bright pink, and had lots of infected skin. Despite having very little energy, Lily was a survivor and has worked hard on her health for the past 7 months. She is finally ready to find her eternal family and leave her difficult first years behind.

Currently in a foster home that reports Lily is a “huge source of joy and amusement”, this shy but sweet girl is thriving. She is well on her way to potty and crate training. She hasn’t had an accident at her foster home in weeks and goes to her box without any problems, but barks a few minutes before settling down. Lily loves to cuddle, nibble on hard bones and now has the energy for long walks.

Lily has played with other dogs and really enjoys wrestling and rumbling hard, so much so that she can find it difficult to stop playing when other dogs are around! She would do well in a dog-only home, or in a home with other dogs who enjoy a good hard romp and people who could be proactive in reinforcing calm behaviors when everyone is together.

Lily is around 3 years old, weighs 65 pounds, is heartworm positive and has not yet been neutered. As a tall girl who can occasionally be erratic when excited, she is looking for a home with no children under the age of 12. Having an intact pet in the home is an additional responsibility that potential adoptive parents should consider. She is vaccinated, chipped and is currently working on parasite prevention.

Due to the long road to recovery that Lily still has to go through, she is offered as an adoption candidate. This brings many benefits, such as access to our dog trainer and our clinic for Lily’s needs! The Tulsa SPCA will continue to medicate Lily until she is healthy enough to be neutered. After that, the adoption will be completed. We’ll also soon start treating your heartworms without costing your adoptive child.

Let us know when you are Lily’s happy ending!


The Tulsa SPCA is currently only working on an appointment basis.

• Visit Click on their profile and use the orange “Interested in this animal? Click here!” Button to apply for acceptance.

• If approved, we will contact you to complete the paperwork, collect payment, and schedule an appointment for your drive-through adoption.

• Please stay home if you feel unwell, especially if you have symptoms of fever, cough or sore throat.

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Photo courtesy of Tulsa SPCA

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