Great Pyrenees Puppies Frolic With Baby Goats in This Serene YouTube Video

Great Pyrenees with two black baby goats

Courtesy Pygmy Harbor Farm

Sometimes we could all use a cute animal video to get us through the day – and extra points are awarded for the clips showing adorable animal friendship. Step inside: the cutest collection of critters we’ve ever seen. (Thanks, social media!) Not only does this peaceful YouTube clip look like a scene straight out of a picture book, but this cuddly puddle is made up of the most precious flock of goats, dogs and chickens, oh my!

The viral video provides a glimpse into the lives of the animals that live at Pygmy Harbor Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee, where owners raise pygmy goats and Pyrenean pups. The cheerful clip was uploaded to the farm’s YouTube channel and shows small and adult goats and Pyrenean dogs frolicking in a haystack and among a herd of (completely undisturbed) chickens.

There is certainly no shortage of fluff, as baby goats hop around the yard while the pups explore their surroundings, while the older animals seem to keep a constant watch on the rest of the gang. At one point you can see a curious baby goat briefly examining a chicken up close before scurrying back to the barn. Despite their differences, it is clear that the animals are comfortable around each other!

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The adorable video has been viewed over 2.2 million times since it was first released in April 2020, and thousands of viewers have commented on the clip’s calm nature.

One viewer commented, “This is my picture of paradise,” and frankly the same.

Another viewer summed it up with his comment “I could watch this clip for hours.” Go ahead and put it on loop. We are directly with you!

Pygmy Harbor Farm not only publishes cute videos of daily farm life on its YouTube channel and Facebook page, but also produces and sells goat milk soaps and lotions, natural bug sprays and lip balms. Be sure to subscribe to their channel to get your baby goat fixed every weekday and to stay up to date on what this unlikely crew is up to in the future!

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