Guide Dogs’ most prolific stud from Banbury fathered 191 puppies

As today is Father’s Day, a canine charity has announced that their most productive stud dog is from Oxfordshire.

Trigger, a six year old purebred Golden Retriever from Banbury, sired 191 puppies from 24 litters for guide dogs for over four and a half years.

This trumps the average stallion who generally has 12 litters over the course of his career.

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His descendants have helped Guide Dogs service users across the country, from Guernsey to Rotherham. His son Pierre, one year and 11 months old, has even started breeding himself and will soon have his first litter.

Trigger’s success as a stud is attributed to his good health. The litters he produces are often larger than average, with many having 10 pups versus the average of six to eight.

Sarah Bryne, a volunteer breeding dog owner who has been looking after Trigger since she was 13 months old, said, “Trigger is very playful, a bit of a cheeky guy. I would say he was a typical boy – he tends to go out for a walk only after he’s finished and takes all of his toys out into the garden.

“It’s a nice feeling to know that every litter will turn into puppies that will become guide dogs.

“I keep in touch with some of them and have pictures sent to me, but with nearly 200 puppies out there, it’s hard to keep up. It’s amazing to see triggers on their faces. ”

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Guide Dogs is committed to following best practices in the care and welfare of all of its breeding animals.

The organization believes that dogs should all enjoy the care, respect, and understanding they deserve.

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