Hackettstown Resident Hooked Into Online Puppy Deal

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ – Police say a Hackettstown resident was defrauded when he recently purchased a Golden Retriever puppy with an online price tag for $ 650 that rose to $ 4,950 after his transportation cost for the dog had risen.

According to a press release from the Hackettstown Police Department, the man contacted police Monday morning after he was unable to retrieve his new puppy.

The buyer said the odyssey began when he discovered the puppy on the internet for $ 650, and the seller told him he must first make a $ 300 deposit through cell. He said calls from two delivery companies, Blue Sky and David Freight, followed by shipping information. However, David Freight informed him that transporting the Golden Retriever to Newark Airport would require an additional $ 1,550 for a thermal, electronic crate, which would be refunded once the puppy arrived.

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The freight company, he said, also asked him for $ 2,200 for insurance and $ 900 for vaccination fees for his pet.

The resident said the dog was never brought to his home and instead received another call for an additional $ 1,200 that he refused to pay.

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Sgt. Darren Tynan of the Hackettstown Police Department said individuals should contact the Federal Trade Commission if they believe they have been defrauded online. Click here to file a complaint with the FTC.

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Hackettstown resident involved in online puppy deal

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